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5 Ways to Present Your Wedding Favors

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Some may say it not so much the type of wedding favors you give, but the way in which you present them, which makes them so very special. The tradition of giving wedding favors goes back to the 13th century and has become as deep rooted in wedding custom as the exchanging of wedding rings. So do not consider your favors as merely little tokens of thanks, but instead take some time over your choice of favors and the way in which you present them to your guests. Here are five ideas for presenting your favors in a way which they will always remember!

The most traditional and common way of presenting wedding favors is to place each one on a guest’s place setting at the reception tables. This has the handy advantage of allowing you to use them as name cards by adding a name tag to the packaging. Alternatively you could give small miniature photograph frames as wedding favors and place your guest’s names on cards inside.
Why not use your wedding favors as centerpieces on your reception tables? You will save money on flowers and custom made decorations and not be left with the dilemma of what to do with them all after the wedding is over. Choose decorative plates, stands or bowls and pile your favors up inside. You could add some extra elements such as flowers or decorative elements if you wanted to.
Ask your flower girl and page boy to hand your wedding favors after the wedding breakfast and whilst the cake is being served. Give them a large basket each and send them around each guest handing out favors to each guest. Your guests will love the cute gesture and the little ones will be kept occupied!
If you have been to several weddings before then you may have noticed that a number of favors are forgotten about or left behind at the end of the day. Fact is not everyone will want their favor although they will appreciate the thought behind it. If your budget is tight then this wastage is probably something you will want to avoid – better to give to those who want them rather than those who don’t. A crafty trick to ensure only those who want favors take them is to place your favors on a table near the entrance/exit of your reception venue and invite your guests to help themselves. Whilst it can be difficult to judge exactly how many of your guests will take one, work on around a third not wanting one.
If you really want to give your wedding day the personal touch then why not hand out the wedding favors yourselves. This will ensure you meet and greet every one of your guests and thank them in person. Be careful about how this could take though, particularly if you are having a big wedding with an extensive guest list. This perhaps one best left to the small and intimate gathering where it will not take several days to get around everyone!

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Overcoming Present-Day Home Security Threats

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As time goes by, people have a tendency of getting smarter, and with the many burglars-both veteran and novice-out there throughout the land there is no exception to this rule. The methods with which such criminals end up breaking into homes, stealing possessions and then making their getaway have become ever more sophisticated and efficient, leaving home owners with the difficult task of rising up to meet and defeat this challenge. Thankfully, home security technology and services have also advanced a great deal over recent years, and today home owners have more options at hand than ever before to beat back crime.

Security threats in the present-day in residential areas are very real and present, and they need to be taken seriously. In lockstep with the rising general crime rates throughout the United States, home burglaries and invasions are also on the rise-and they need to be taken as a probability, not a remote possibility. Overcoming present-day home security threats therefore means, before anything else, changing one’s mentality and treating criminal behavior as something that needs to be crusaded against, not ignored as if it were not a real and present danger. With this sort of new mindset fully installed and in place, a home owner will have that edge necessary to rise above and defeat current threats to their home, family, and property.

An important tool in defeating our modern-day burglars and related riff-raff would undoubtedly have to be the wireless home alarm. Why wireless? Well, quite simply because hard-wired alarms are just the kind that burglars are hoping you’ll have, as in many cases experienced burglars will know how to bypass a hard-wired alarm with few tools and little time. Wireless alarms are more reliable than hard-wired alarms (assuming you keep the transmitters operating on fully-charged batteries, that is) because they do not give would-be invaders an opening, a weak spot to be exploited in the first line of home security.

An assortment of other technological means need to be piled on top of such a wireless alarm (which can be considered the nucleus of the broader security plan for the house), and as long as the home owner knows how to operate them all, the more the better. In addition to the magnetic sensors comprising the wireless alarm, more sensors can be added in the form of glass-break sensors (an excellent tool to help against the most common form of forced entry, the smashed window pane). Ample security lighting along all exterior portions of the home, set to activate during dark hours through motion detection, will further bolster the security plan and make burglars uncomfortable before they even have a chance to begin plying their trade. Failsafe measures within the home’s security system are also an excellent idea, such as having an emergency backup communications line with the security monitoring center and speakers/microphones discreetly placed throughout the home to enable communication with emergency dispatchers, should the need arise.

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Mexican Hammocks Are the Best Present For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner: and I know he wants a Mexican Hammock as a present

Do you have a present ready for your Dad in this coming Father’s Day? If not, at Hammock Heaven we have lots of ideas that will help you decide:

1. The best present for any Dad is a Mexican Hammock: as your Dad have been working so much all year round to provide your family with so much care, he deserves a good rest and the best way to relax is to enjoy good quality time in his own hammock, if you choose to give him a Jumbo hammock: we might even invite the whole family to relax!

2. A Mexican Poncho is a great way to celebrate any special occasion, Ponchos are good fun and blokes love them!

3. If your dad just wants to enjoy time with a book, why don’t you give him a hammock chair? Hammock chairs are so easy to install as they only need one hanging point, so all you have to look for is a veranda or any exposed beam to hang it for your dad, so when Father’s Day come he walks out into his balcony directly to his relaxing hammock chair.

4. If you really want to give him a hammock, however you don’t really have anywhere to hang your hammock from, have a look to the great deals that we are having when you buy a hammock and a stand together!

5. You can also give your Dad a Mexican Blanket to decorate his Hot Rod! We all know that Dads love their cars: and it is so on fashion at the moment to cover the seats of the cars with Mexican Blankets: he will love it! Groovy Dad!!!

6. If you just can not decide: let your dad decide and give him a Hammock Heaven gift voucher!

These are some small suggestions, there is still lots of time for you to decide what is the best present for this coming Father’s Day! Come and visit us on 2/410 Pittwater Rd, North Manly where we are sure you will find the best gift idea for your Dad on Father’s Day.

At Hammock Heaven we sell a wide range of hand woven hammocks from Mexico and Ecuador along with hammock stands and accessories. Our range also includes a selection of beautiful blankets, ponchos, floor rugs, bags, Guatemalan worry dolls and much more.

If you are in Sydney, please come and visit our showroom located in 2/410 Pittwater Rd, North Manly. Here you will be able to try 20 different styles and sizes in our purpose built hammock showroom: Come in and try before you buy.

Our range of colourful products from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean is constantly evolving, come back and visit us often.

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How Stuttering Can Make You a Better Speaker-Presenter

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Believe it or not, people who have stuttered/stammered can become better than average speakers. You ask, “How is this possible?”

People with this type of speech impediment who are highly motivated to stop stuttering are prime candidates for becoming excellent speakers. There are a few key reasons I believe and have proven that this is true. First, here is a small list of contemporary famous people who either stutter or stuttered:

1. Samuel L. Jackson – Actor

2. Bruce Willis – Actor

3. James Earl Jones – Actor

4. Bill Withers – Songwriter and Singer

5. Bo Jackson – Football star

6. Senator, Now Vice President (U.S.A.) Joe Biden

7. Rowan Atkinson- British actor who plays Mr. Bean

Obviously, those people, despite their stutter have gone on to do incredible work, which has required them to master the art of speaking.

Second, people who stutter/stammer have a heightened awareness of speech and themselves. They are quick thinkers and capable of manipulating words to their benefit because they’ve had to, when they needed to communicate. A sharp mind is required to quickly pick and choose words and phrases, and anticipate situations when they were about to stutter. The beauty of this is, this same ability and skill can be transformed from avoiding stuttering to outstanding speech.

Finally, a person who stutters has the capability to learn how to control his or her breathing, rhythm, and tone, voice quality to a high degree because they tend to be very conscious of these factors as a stutterer.

They are also capable of creating and delivering great presentations without notes because they often do not like to read in public. Reading requires one to say certain words, in a certain order. If any of those words present a problem, the reader either has to struggle with the word or phrase, skip it or make up another word that works.

Friends, I personally used the above concept to teach myself how to create long and short, broad and very detailed presentations completely in my head. I could then deliver these presentations as if I had a detailed set of notes in front of me. Sometimes I would have only a few brief notes in outline format to refresh my memory, but I usually did not need them.

If you stutter or stammer you are sitting on a goldmine. You have the potential to become an excellent speaker, even a great speaker. You can be one of the best conversationalists around. Why? It’s simple; you have developed certain coping characteristics, abilities and skills that give you an extraordinary edge and speaking ability.

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Presents of Humor

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Giving gifts is an age old tradition that has been adopted by most cultures. Some of the preferred presents over the years include chocolates, clothes, flowers and even perfumes. However, if you are looking for something more unique for your subsequent gift, you may try and make a gift of humor. Here, we’ve compiled a list of hilarious gift ideas that are certain to have the recipient rolling with laughter.

Speaking of funny and hilarious gifts, there is no way that you could miss out on the farting slippers. The very name of this gift speaks volume about the type of gift it is. When you walk wearing them, they make weird noise like that of fart. These slippers look like normal slippers and are thus flawless as a gag gift. Give them as a birthday gift to your chum and let him walk wearing them in the party. The noise they will make will definitely give a hearty laugh to all the guests present there.

Gift a swine flu survival kit. Considering a rise in the swine flu cases in the current times, a swine flu survival kit can be the best option. Everyone tries to follow precautions that can help keep the problem at bay. Nevertheless, some folks get all shaky and bonkers at the very mention of this disease. It is for such people that swine flu kit forms the finest gift. Just gift it by wrapping it in a fancy cover and get ready to witness the most panicky expression.

We are all acquainted with at least one individual who’s deeply religious or even spiritually inclined. A ‘Holy Toast’ would be the very best gift for such people. The ‘holy toast’ is a simple image of the Virgin Mary carved into a slice of bread. Organize an elaborate breakfast party for your buddy or relative on whom the prank is to be played and offer the toasts. The expression on their face is certain to have you in splits.

The ‘Stay in Love Forever’ gift is also another enjoyable gift which you could give to your chums or family members. You ought to ideally present it to a regularly bickering couple to do them a good turn. Gift it to them and ask them to spray it on and they will be swooning over one another in no time.

Though enjoyable gifts can make you laugh, many think that such gifts are complete wastage of money. In case you want to invest in a few meaningful presents, you can look at gifting effective anti acne products such as Zenmed Derma Cleanse System.

These fun gifts are bound to work as effective stress busters and leave the recipients smiling. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to spread some happiness with these hilarious gift ideas.

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Powerful Presentations Require Good Communication Skills in the Workplace

Jun 14 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Everyone who works has to make a presentation sooner or later. It may be a formal one in front of a crowd of people; it may be presenting a business case to your boss on why you deserve a raise. Whatever the situation, good communication skills will help you make a powerful presentation.

What do I mean, though, when I say good communication skills? I mean a lot of things. First, you have to know what you want to say. Too many of us go into conversations winging it, expecting others to understand where we are coming from or what we mean. It’s important to know the context into which you are making the presentation. AND you must be aware of the audience’s context as well. I’ve been in formal presentations where speakers were unprepared, not clear about their message, or spent the entire time reading from their notes. The first rule for powerful presentations is to know what you want to say and be prepared.

The second point about good communication skills for successful presentations is to keep any emotions out of the equation. When emotions show up, what others respond to is the emotions, not the message. In formal presentations perhaps emotions are good… passion, excitement, enthusiasm… but in one-on-one presentations or to a small group, emotions can be deadly. Temper your emotions so your message is heard.

Third, determine what you want to accomplish before walking into the room. This is a little different than knowing what you want to say. Do you, for instance, want to share information, get assistance, get information, whine and complain, offer ideas… what is the purpose of your message? Even if you are delivering a formal presentation, what do you want to accomplish? Is it to wow them with your brilliance, share information, get them to hire you… why are you there? Remember know up front the context of your presentation and the audience so you have the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

Finally, using good communication skills means you have to make sure your audience understands the message you are delivering. How do you know that? Well… ask them! What do they think you mean? What do they think you are telling them? What did they take away from the interaction? Unless you know that your audience (whether it’s 1 or 500) has a clear understanding of what you are saying, you might as well be talking to a wall. Take the time to ask questions and find out how your message is being received and heard.

Want to deliver a powerful presentation? Do you want to have your message heard, and receive the results you want? Using good communication skills is the first step toward meeting these goals.

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Fun Spanish Themed Presents for Christmas

Jun 13 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is rolling around, whether you’re ready or not. And for some people, that causes a lot of stress, as you have to go out and look and agonize over what to get for that special person or people in your life. It not only costs money, but it takes time to think about and select. What if that person is trying to learn Spanish? We’ve thought of a few ideas of things to give as presents. Not all of them are too expensive, and some can easily be made for free. We hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave any gift ideas of your own in the comments!

Dictionary or Reference Book

While dictionaries and reference books are certainly not the most exciting thing in the world to give to a student who is trying to learn Spanish, it is certainly one of the most helpful; things you can give them. With a dictionary (go with a bilingual one), they can learn words that they have been struggling with so far. With reference books, they can finally get past the problems they’ve been having with conjugating verbs and so on. If you want to invest in one of the classics, it will be something that they will have for the rest of their language learning careers.

Spanish or Mexican cooking class

A cooking class is another great way to get immersed in the language and culture of Spanish. Whether or not your special someone has experience in the kitchen, who wouldn’t like to learn more about how to cook? If you can find a Spanish or Mexican cooking class, it’ll likely teach you the names of various ingredients, recipes, or kitchen equipment, and the recipes you will learn of course. Mexican food in particular is quite simply in terms of the variety of ingredients but can be incredibly flavorful if one is creative. Mole sauces are one of our personal favorites.

To find courses in your area, search for cooking schools or cooking classes on Google. Sometimes grocery stores like Whole Foods will offer them, but often you need to go to an actual cooking school.

Language learning software

Another gift that might not be as exiting as a demonstration for how to make huevos rancheros, language learning software is a great way to show the person in your life that you care about their progress. Often, the software can be a little pricey, but if the proper amount of time is invested, the benefits can be multitudinous.

Trip to a Spanish Speaking Country

Granted, this last one is probably the most cost prohibitive, but trust me, it will have the biggest impact. Getting to travel to another country that speaks Spanish as a primary language is of course the best way to get better and practice speaking Spanish. If you live in the United States, you can easily get to Mexico, or Central and South America if you are feeling more adventurous. Europeans can obviously go to Spain and elsewhere in the world there are countries that speak Spanish at least as a minor language. North Americans have an advantage here simply due to proximity, but everyone can make a trip if they can afford it.

When you book a trip, don’t use too many tour guides if you are comfortable. The best way to get better at a language is to totally immerse yourself in it. If you let someone else drag you around the whole time speaking English, then you won’t absorb everything. Even if you make mistakes ordering food or buying a train ticket, the whole experience will be a whole lot more memorable than if you simply were pampered the whole time.

Costa Rica and Panama are great candidates for countries in South America to visit if you are considering it. Mexico is a great place to visit as well, but please be careful to visit high risk parts of the country (Mexico City, for example) and stick with safer places like Cabo San Lucas.


These are just a few of the more basic ideas, but if you get creative, we’d love to hear what you came up with in the comments! Again, there are many different gifts for just about any price range, so don’t feel like you need to spend a lot on the person in your life just to make them happy. Often it is just the thought that counts.

Happy Holidays!

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PowerPoint Tip – Export All Presentation Text

Jun 12 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you ever wanted to export all of the text in a presentation? There are several reasons for doing this:

* To repurpose the text to a report or other document

* To give a presentation a makeover, starting with just the text

* To use as notes during delivery

But what if you have text in text boxes and AutoShapes? You may need this text as well. In fact, this may be just the text that you’re trying to reformat.

At PowerPoint Live, Rick Altman discussed this issue and suggested two solutions:

* Miraplacid Text Driver. This program extracts text from all types of documents.

* Use Adobe Acrobat, print to a PDF file, and save as a text file.

Rick’s discussion set me searching for a free solution.

Here are the steps:

1. Download PDF995, a free PDF creator, supported by ads. (You can remove the ads for $9.95. Paying for the software also entitles you to technical support, which I’ve used more than once.) Another option is PrimoPDF. I used PDF995 to test these steps.

2. In your presentation, choose File> Print. Choose PDF 995 from the list of printers. (This is how you use the program to create PDF files.) Save the file. Adobe Reader opens with your new PDF file. (The steps below were done with Adobe Reader 7.0.)

3. Do either of the following:

* Choose File> Save as Text to create a text file from the PDF. This will extract all of the text in the document. However, you may have some unusual characters that you need to delete.

* Choose View> Page Layout> Continuous (or choose the Continuous button at the lower-left corner of the application window). Click before the first character. If you don’t see the Select tool (look for an I-beam), choose Tools> Basic> Select. Drag downward, waiting until the document scrolls, until you reach the end of the document. (For some reason, this process is slow and clunky.) With the entire document selected, copy to the Clipboard. Open Notepad, and paste. The result is very clean.

I assume that you can use this technique with other types of documents as well. If you succeed, I’d be interested to hear in your results.

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Learn to Be Funny – Start an Effective Presentation With a Joke

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

One of the easiest ways to learn to be humorous is to be able to start an effective presentation with a joke. However, it’s actually more than that. The way you start your presentation needs to be in two stages; you need a pre-introduction and then an introduction.

The pre-introduction is for grabbing your audience’s attention. The introduction is then for introducing the topic of your speech. Each of the following three pre-introduction ideas that I’m about to highlight can be used with or without laughter.

1) Begin with a personal story - everything has to relate to the overall objective of presentation in order for it to be truly effective. The point of the story has to relate directly or indirectly to your main point.

The father of the professional speaking industry in the USA, Bill Gove, famously said the following as a tip for effective speaking: “Make a point, tell a story. Make another point, tell another story.”

Are there often stories that you tell at work related to what you do, that are clean and make people laugh? If so then as long as it’s succinct then you should absolutely use it.

2) Tell them a striking fact - If you can find a fact that amazes and amuses your audience; then you’ve struck gold. But sometimes a fact that might amaze your audience may not be humorous. What to do then? Perhaps you could comment on the fact using your own sense of humour. That’s all a punchline is anyway, a comment or reaction.

3) Use a Prop – You might want to use a prop that relates to the subject of your speech. It doesn’t necessarily have to directly relate to the topic. For instance, if you’re talking about neurology, you don’t have to hold up a model of a brain as the majority of your audience will know what one looks like.

However, you might want to hold up an egg and draw comparisons to how they are both delicate and complex. This alone might bring about a humorous reaction in your audience.

By using any one of these three pre-introductions, you can then move on to your actual introduction and briefly highlight what you’re going to cover during your speech. Give your audience just enough information to get them interested, but don’t give away any solutions you may have too early.

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11 Tips For a PowerPoint Presentation

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There is a school of thought that ‘great’ and ‘PowerPoint’ should never be used in the same sentence, and it is true that there are many other ways to engage your audience.

However, PowerPoint is a fact of business life, and it can be an incredibly impactful tool when used in the right way.

Too often it isn’t.  So here are a few tips to help you prepare your next one.

Preparing it

  1. Create a structure that focuses around the key point you want to make.
  2. Work from a Master Slide (or slides) – this makes it a lot easier to change things later on.
  3. Aim never to have more than 10 words on one slide.
  4. Remember that a relevant image or illustration will be immeasurably more impactful than a sentence.
  5. Let slides build with your story, rather than giving away the outcome before you have delivered it.
  6. As with all speeches and presentations, check whether it is relevant to your audience, approaches the subject in an interesting and original way, and sets things out simply.

Delivering it

  1. Don’t forget that the audience are there to watch you, not your slides.  Use the presentation to back up your message, not to replace your role in delivering it.
  2. Don’t repeat the words on the slides behind you.  It is a fact of business life that most of your audience will be able to read them too.
  3. Make it clear when you are referring to a specific part of a slide rather than just gesticulating randomly into the air between you and it.
  4. Avoid handing out a printed version of the presentation beforehand.  Your impact will be nullified if your audience know what’s coming next.
  5. As with all speeches and presentations, speak clearly, interact with your audience wherever possible, and emphasise key words and messages.

Many of the keys to a successful presentation come down to common sense.  Preparation is key.  You can never think too much about original ways to entertain your audience.  Nor can you rehearse too much.  Knowing what will appear on each click through the presentation is a must.

I would be delighted to review an existing presentation you have written or to help you create something original and impactful. In the meantime, I hope this helps.


+44 20 7681 8247

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