5 Ways to Present Your Wedding Favors

Some may say it not so much the type of wedding favors you give, but the way in which you present them, which makes them so very special. The tradition of giving wedding favors goes back to the 13th century and has become as deep rooted in wedding custom as the exchanging of wedding rings. So do not consider your favors as merely little tokens of thanks, but instead take some time over your choice of favors and the way in which you present them to your guests. Here are five ideas for presenting your favors in a way which they will always remember!

The most traditional and common way of presenting wedding favors is to place each one on a guest’s place setting at the reception tables. This has the handy advantage of allowing you to use them as name cards by adding a name tag to the packaging. Alternatively you could give small miniature photograph frames as wedding favors and place your guest’s names on cards inside.
Why not use your wedding favors as centerpieces on your reception tables? You will save money on flowers and custom made decorations and not be left with the dilemma of what to do with them all after the wedding is over. Choose decorative plates, stands or bowls and pile your favors up inside. You could add some extra elements such as flowers or decorative elements if you wanted to.
Ask your flower girl and page boy to hand your wedding favors after the wedding breakfast and whilst the cake is being served. Give them a large basket each and send them around each guest handing out favors to each guest. Your guests will love the cute gesture and the little ones will be kept occupied!
If you have been to several weddings before then you may have noticed that a number of favors are forgotten about or left behind at the end of the day. Fact is not everyone will want their favor although they will appreciate the thought behind it. If your budget is tight then this wastage is probably something you will want to avoid – better to give to those who want them rather than those who don’t. A crafty trick to ensure only those who want favors take them is to place your favors on a table near the entrance/exit of your reception venue and invite your guests to help themselves. Whilst it can be difficult to judge exactly how many of your guests will take one, work on around a third not wanting one.
If you really want to give your wedding day the personal touch then why not hand out the wedding favors yourselves. This will ensure you meet and greet every one of your guests and thank them in person. Be careful about how this could take though, particularly if you are having a big wedding with an extensive guest list. This perhaps one best left to the small and intimate gathering where it will not take several days to get around everyone!

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